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 Post subject: 104.3 FM / WBMX
PostPosted: Fri Jan 19, 2018 1:20 pm 
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ahh yeah, the good ol call-letters are back in effect (minus the minor shoutouts on the score for digital stuff) and now there's a radio station where you can hear (a heaping helping of) jay-z outkast and i've even heard DMX and twista on there. honestly, i gotta say that what i've heard since last night is doing the classic call-letters justice.

now if i was running the station you know what i'd do? back in the day stations like q101 and GCI used to have cool music on saturday nights. q101 had the alternative beat / industrial zone with ZOLTAR: THE BROTHER FROM ANOTHER PLANET (literally a big black guy in what i could only describe as a saiyan-armor-looking getup (dragonball Z) with knee high/padded boots... he was up in one of the booths above the metro stage at a 90s industrial show) and in the first hour or two they'd play the filter/gravity kills/NIN/etc stuff that was percolating around the general rotation, but then by about midnight zoltar could go into the deeper stuff where you'd hear spahn ranch - heretic's fork, electric hellfire club, lords of acid, etc etc etc. i used to love vibing out to the show which started around right around the time local long distance went away for calling up dialup bulletin boards (9pm) and you'd do the rounds on msgboards like this (except only one person could post at a time, ergo the longer messages cuz you'd make your messages count on those places) and then by the time midnight or 1am rolled around you'd queue up something from a warez board and then JBTV came on for music videos and yeah.

anyways, forgive me for trailing off... but like, if you're gonna rock the WBMX call letters (and have an android app that you can download and doesn't work right out of the gate. i guess you gotta want it huh?) why not do some kind of saturday night/ish callback to the glorious history of WBMX chicago and start tapping into all those hot mix 5 mixes that are up on youtube? seriously you figure WBMX/proper would have access to loads of this crap (there's some website somewhere that has an ungodly archive of mp3s of the stuff, and i'd go look it up but nowadays my time is at a premium cuz [reasons]) and like, seriously, you gonna tell me some 50something black dude wouldn't randomly pop by 104.3 on a saturday night like "HOLY SHIT THEY'RE PLAYING REAL SHIT" and he might hit the liquor store and pretend it's 1986 all over again?! i guarantee people would look forward to this shit and, let's be honest here, music was way way way better in the 80s than it is now.

but yeah, the 104.3 WBMX station as it is works and it's fun, and hey they generally play the good mandated-jay-z-song-every-30-to-45-mins songs.... tho i heard the H TO THE O TO THE V TO THE A song and i couldnt help but be like A TO THE V E R TO THE A TO THE GE, even tho i can't lie jay-z is a gifted lyricist cuz he sure as hell knew who to take his styles/flows from =P

but yeah hey, if this is all CBS mother nipple stuff then good job and i suck on your teat (seeing as life is literally leaving me no other options 2bqh =)

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I think it was Heroin

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